juillet 20, 2021
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ELLE Bretagne : Putting on seashell glasses

Based in Auray, Friendly Frenchy sells sunglasses frames made from recycled seafood shells. Oysters, scallops, mussels and clams become desirable eyewear models. Biosourced materials, recycled using patented technologies. Inspired by the seaside and sustainable...

mai 7, 2021
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Bay of the Somme : The second life of shellfish waste

Is our waste worth gold? At a time of recycling, the circular economy and initiatives that are as virtuous as they are good for the planet, shells are among the resources that need to be recovered. Long good for the dustbin, our shellfish waste now aspires to a...

janvier 19, 2021
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THE PARISIAN ECONOMY: After the holidays, recycling

After New Year's Eve, tons of oyster shells were also thrown away by private individuals. Between the Gulf of Morbihan and the Bay of Quiberon, Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé had the brilliant idea of making a raw material for spectacle frames. Their first...

janvier 11, 2021
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LE PARISIEN: The new life of shells

After the holidays, what to do with your empty seafood shells? Several companies have the solution: give them a new life. Ovive, Soôruz, Biom or Friendly Frenchy offer them a new life.

janvier 6, 2021
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COMME UN CAMION: Friendly Frenchy vineyard glasses

The wine glasses of Friendly FrenchyWell, we're not going to lie to each other, October rarely rhymes with "sunglasses". The days are getting shorter and darker. However, the white winter sky can also be dazzling and aggressive to our eyes. So it may be a good...

octobre 11, 2020
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COMME UN CAMION : Asphalt Surfeur

When I joined the team of truck drivers, the idea of nicknaming myself "The Driver" came to me quite quickly. Beyond having many licences, I have always been, more generally speaking, attracted by everything that rolls, slides or flies! Like a child, as soon as I'm...

octobre 9, 2020
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BRUT: Glasses made of shells!

Meanwhile in Auray in Brittany, rather than letting the shells from the food industry end up in the dustbins, Sandrine and Laurent make glasses out of them.

octobre 7, 2020
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In Friendly Frenchy, there is "friendly" and "frenchy". Friendly as eco-friendly because the brand tries to limit its environmental impact through eco-designed creations. Frenchy for French manufacturing, which allows to preserve the country's know-how and produce...

septembre 25, 2020
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Spectacles made from shellfish: this is what Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé, founders of the company "Friendly Frenchy", based in Auray in Morbihan, and met by Yann Launay, have developed.

juillet 30, 2020
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SPECIAL OFFER Friendly Frenchy Sunglasses

juin 27, 2020
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Ulule - Sunny alternatives that take care of us this summer

Friendly Frenchy, in one sentence? Sunglasses in shells, 100% bio-sourced and Made in France.

mai 15, 2020
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Telegram : Innovation at the tip of the nose

Shell glasses from Friendly Frenchy They wanted to create an innovative and eco-responsible product... Laurent Pezé and Sandrine Guyot launched Friendly Frenchy, their brand of shell glasses. A new concept where aesthetics meets ecology and which has just been...

février 24, 2020
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As "climate emergency" is a cooler (or less tough) fight to wage than social justice, seductive capitalism is still washing greener. The latest discovery by brands: incorporating unexpected materials into the making of their products. BY JULIE DE LOS RIOS

janvier 17, 2020
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ACUITE: Shell glasses handmade at Friendly Frenchy

More than 250,000 tonnes of shellfish are produced in France every year. Based on this observation, the Friendly Frenchy brand has set itself a challenge: to transform these shells into sunglasses by 2016.After 3 years of R&D, Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé, the...

janvier 3, 2020
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FRANCE BLEU - Mussels, scallops and oysters form the raw material for these Breton creations.

This eyewear brand, founded in June 2017, is both environmentally friendly and respectful of French know-how. Based in Auray (56), Friendly Frenchy was created by Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé.

décembre 30, 2019
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Ouest France: They create eyewear made from recycled shells

Oysters, scallops, mussels, clams... Friendly Frenchy, a company based in Auray (Morbihan) since this summer, designs frames made from shells, a recycled "waste".

décembre 7, 2019
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Rather than using plastic frames, two entrepreneurs created glasses from shells. The frames are made from oysters, mussels and scallops.

novembre 19, 2019
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POSITIVR - Recycling: these glasses are made from seashells

Sunglasses in mussels? You had to think about it and Friendly Frenchy did it. Stylish creations and 100% made in France.

novembre 19, 2019
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The black & white spirit of Figaro Magazine

novembre 18, 2019
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The imperative Madame Le Figaro

Gisele Bündchen at Dior, a Chanel exhibition in Tokyo, a lingerie collaboration... The imperative MadameShell glasses, the Comme des Garçons x MAC Cosmetics collaboration, the first Icicle shop in France... A look back at what the editorial team wants to share...

octobre 4, 2019
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M Radio Reveil - Frendly Frenchy, the glasses of the sea

"Friendly Frenchy: Shell glasses 100% Made in France"Find Made in France in the M Radio réveil every morning at 7.40 am!

septembre 27, 2019
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JT 13H France 2: Initiative: glasses built with shells

Initiative: glasses made from shellsTwo young entrepreneurs have decided to recycle seafood shells, which are rarely reused, to build eco-friendly glasses. https://youtu.be/LnJYIgUUQkI

avril 25, 2019
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Trouville-sur-Mer: a second life for shellfish waste

Sunglasses, draining shell paving stones. The Town of Trouville-sur-Mer is working to recycle its shellfish waste. A feasibility study is underway.

janvier 16, 2019
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THE PARISIAN: A 100% tricolour look!

Oyonnax Glasses Friendly Frenchy recovers scallop waste from Breton and Norman industrialists, has it cleaned in a workshop in Morbihan, then sends it to small company in Oyonnax (Ain), one of the strongholds of the tricolour eyewear industry. The lens with a UV...

décembre 12, 2018
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MARIANNE: Life without plastic

It is by mixing oyster, mussel or scallop shells with vegetable oil that the hexagonal brand Friendly Frenchy makes frames without any plastic...

octobre 7, 2018
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LE FIGARO - Friendly Frenchy, glasses made of shells

Friendly Frenchy: seashell glassesIt is in the Plastics Vallée jurassienne that the creations, available in 18 colours, are made.You can't see it at first glance, but the frames for these glasses are made from an innovative, 100% natural material, derived...

juin 22, 2018
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MAG' IN FRANCE : Parents' Day

Mum less than 100 euros A plaid : Available in as many colours as there are uses (picnic decoration, beach...) these large Friendly Frenchy honeycomb plaids combine comfort, quality and aesthetics...

mai 16, 2018
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MADAME FIGARO: A certain look

Frames in shell, oil-free, environmentally friendly? Yes, it exists and it's brand new...

mai 13, 2018
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FASHION NETWORK: Friendly Frenchy launches a line of shell-based glasses

The made in France Friendly Frenchy brand, launched in June 2017 by Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé, will this summer complete its beachwear offer with a range of sunglasses whose frames have been made in France from vegetable oil and shellfish...

avril 24, 2018
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FREQUENCY OPTIC: Friendly Frenchy Manufactures shell glasses

Creating an ecological product that usefully recycles various shells is the successful gamble - of the young French brand Friendly Frenchy.They're still joking about it. "We wanted glasses that looked like us, inspired by the seaside, and that's when we came up...

avril 20, 2018
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MIF EXPO: The Exhibition of Made in France

Are you familiar with Friendly Frenchy, the brand that respects the environment and French know-how? It is launching a new range of shell sunglasses!

avril 20, 2018
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OPTICIEN PRESS - L'OL: Shell glasses will be launched in June

After the seaweed glasses made by Naoned, the sea offers a new material to eyewear: seashells. It is in any case the project of the brand Friendly Frenchy which wishes to launch its sunglasses collection in June .

avril 20, 2018
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Dynamik FM : Interview with Sandrine Guyot, co-founder of Friendly Frenchy

Find the interview of Sandrine Guyot, co-founder of Friendly Frenchy for Dynamik FM

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