JT 13H France 2: Initiative: glasses built with shells

Posted On: avril 25, 2019


The collection is a world exclusive. Glasses in mussel, oyster or scallop shells, it was the idea of two young entrepreneurs who are in the process of succeeding in their bet. "France is the leading European producer of shells", explains Laurent Pezé, co-founder of Friendly Frenchy. "All of this generates a lot of waste and we had the idea of recovering it to make glasses."

Between 80 and 250 euros a pair of glasses

It was a visit to an oyster park that gave them the idea of the material. In France, millions of tons of shellfish are consumed and only a small part of them is reused. Washed, sorted and dried, the shells are then crushed and reduced to powder to make bioplastic. Each shell gives a different appearance. It then takes 30 hours of work to build each pair of glasses, which explains prices between 80 and 250 euros.


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