COMME UN CAMION : Asphalt Surfeur

Posted On: oct. 9, 2020


Asphalt surfer

When I joined the team of truck drivers, the idea of nicknaming myself "The Driver" came to me quite quickly. Beyond having many licences, I have always been, more generally speaking, attracted by everything that rolls, slides or flies! Like a child, as soon as I'm presented with a rolling object (icing on the cake if it's motorised) I can't help but go and test it. On these same pages, I've had the pleasure of occasionally finding myself at the wheel or on the handlebars of a few cars, motorbikes, scooters, bicycles and even electric scooters. The means of transport of the day follows a discussion with my beloved brother-in-law. Surfing (on the wave) since he was very young, he was only praising me for his new skateboard which was supposed to reproduce the sensations and movements that you could feel on a surfboard. Being unable to use it after knee surgery, I jumped at the chance to borrow it from him. Since then, I secretly wish he would take his time to regain his mobility because I can't get off this skateboard (as the kids say... well, I think)!

Look comme un camion

Did getting back into skateboarding unconsciously remind me of my college years? Still, looking at this look, I do think it's very nineties. Not wanting to indulge my nostalgia for autumn colours, I wanted to stay in light, almost summery tones. I even took out the sunglasses for the occasion! It's a model that's well worth looking at, by the way. Indeed, I could still be called a chauvinist, but this pair was imagined a few kilometres away from my home in Morbihan.

And as an asset never comes alone, the frame was made from recycled oyster shells (I give it to you in a thousand) from Morbihan! All made in France, from the lenses to the packaging, right down to the protective felt pouch. They are proposed by the brand Friendly Frenchy which has just been interviewed by Brut for those who would like to know a little more.

look comme un camion Focus lunettes friendly frenchy

Let's stay on the upper part of this look to linger on the association t-shirt, shirt, denim jacket that I imagined to combine comfort, style but also to counter the little fresh wind of October! Whether it's with a turtleneck when the temperatures are too hot or here with this simple white organic cotton t-shirt from Maison Standards, I wear my shirts open or semi-open more and more frequently. This allows me to wear them in a more casual way while highlighting them in a different way.

That's what I wanted to do with this striped model from October. It brings a graphic touch to the ensemble while reinforcing the 1990s spirit that I wanted to infuse into the outfit. A mythical piece from this period, I couldn't miss the iconic trucker jacket, in faded mode of course! This version from Champ de Manœuvres takes up all the codes of the original model and corresponds perfectly to what I was looking for. It does have a discreet blue metallic button to mark its signature!

As for the jeans, we're also on a bleached version. A little lighter than the jacket, it comes from Paname Collections. Its fabric is supple enough to be able to undulate without constraint when skateboarding and the semi-adjusted cut leaves enough space so as not to feel compressed. In order not to spoil anything, as with the t-shirt, organic cotton was used in its design. It also benefits from OEKO-TEX and GOTS certifications.

The particularity of this skateboard is that it is mounted with a very (very) soft front truck. To be able to tame it, it is therefore better to be comfortably seated. The big advantage of these Newlab trainers is that you immediately feel comfortable. I have a rather thin foot and sometimes I have trouble finding models that hold it in place without having to tighten the laces too tightly, sometimes even to the point of ruining the line of the shoe. Here, the foot remains perfectly maintained and despite its rather massive aspect, the pair adapts completely to the practice of skateboarding. The thick sole is also reassuringly long-lasting for this type of use.

Let's now move on to the accessories and in particular to this Dumas model from Spinnaker. I had already had the opportunity to present the brand in one of my previous looks. Apart from the fact that this British watchmaker offers automatic models at affordable prices, I particularly like their design. However, I am wary of very small wrists, as the diameters of their cases are rather large (42mm on average). This diver's watch (with a water-resistance of 30 atmospheres, corresponding to 300 metres!) even measures 44mm in diameter for a thickness of 16mm. Taking up the colours of the shirt, it remains in the vintage spirit. It is equipped with a Seiko mechanism with a 41-hour power reserve. Finally the backpack is a Topo Design. I discovered this American brand several years ago thanks to Romano who owned a few models he was very proud of. Relatively little distributed in France, Topo Design is not afraid to put colour in its different ranges, making their models quite easily identifiable. As practical for hiking as for a more urban use, they have the advantage of being well compartmentalized but it is above all their 1000D nylon canvas, abrasion resistant and guaranteed for life, which makes it safe on the fact that it should hold the tide in case of a fall!


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