Posted On: mai 30, 2017

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At Friendly Frenchy, we place great importance on the composition, quality, feel and flexibility of our products while limiting our impact on the environment.

Become part of this adventure by adopting an ECO-FRIENDLY wash!

Little tips by Friendly Frenchy

Laundry? Two possibilities

1 - Make your own washing powder and fabric softener by being a DIY (Do it Yourself!) enthusiast. An ecological, efficient and economical solution!

    • Laundry recipe

        • 100 g of Marseille soap shavings (grated by you or already ready to use)
        • 2 litres of hot water
        • 1 litre of cold water
        • 3 tablespoons baking soda 
        • 20 drops of real lavender, mint or lemon essential oil to perfume your laundry (optional)

    • Softener recipe
        • 300 ml of water
        • 600 ml White Vinegar
        • 10 drops of real lavender, mint or lemon essential oil to perfume your laundry (optional)

2 - Buy an Eco-friendly detergent and fabric softener

There are now eco-labels to help you in your choice of detergent (European Ecolabel, ECOCERT, Ecodetergents...) To help you, you can also consult the ECOCOMPARE comparison site.


Depending on the type of fabric, choose cold washing to limit the energy consumption of your washing machine and the wear and tear on your textile fibres. The cold preserves the fabric and the brilliance of the colours.

Opt for hot washing with baby clothes, your household and toilet towels while referring to the information on the labels of each product.

Washing at 30° is ideal for T-shirts and Friendly Frenchy beach towels.

Of course, remember to sort your clothes by material and colour beforehand, separating white, dark and light colours.



Thanks to your home softener based on white vinegar, your textile will be less wrinkled.

Shake your laundry well to smooth it out and hear your T-shirts on hangers.

This will make ironing easier and sometimes save you the chore of ironing!!!


And now you can fill your suitcases with your clean laundry and go on holiday to the beach with Friendly Frenchy!!!


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