OPTICIEN PRESS - L'OL: Shell glasses will be launched in June

Posted On: avril 20, 2018


After the seaweed glasses made by Naoned, the sea offers a new material to the eyewear industry: seashells. It is in any case the project of the brand Friendly Frenchy which wants to launch its sunglasses collection in June.

Friendly Frenchy is a brand specialised in products for seaside escapades. After beach towels, t-shirts and handsurfs, it has just launched the creation of its first collection of sunglasses committed (oil-free and environmentally friendly), quality and made in France. "We wanted sunglasses that looked like us, inspired by the seaside... and that's when we had the crazy idea of working with shells, in a Shellfish and Crustaceans spirit..." joke the brand's founders, Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé. It is a Norman laboratory specialising in bio-sourced materials that has succeeded in the tour de force of creating this new material based on vegetable oil and shellfish, oysters, mussels and scallops. These frames are made by injection in the Jura and are fitted with Dalloz Créations lenses. For the launch, the brand is offering two unisex models in 18 colour variations and three types of lenses (fashion, sports and polarised) for a price ranging from 80 to 115 euros.

Journalist: Emmanuel Grolleau
Date: 19/04/18

Friendly Frenchy in the optician press

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