Posted On: oct. 1, 2020

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After Les Lunettes en coquillage®, whose collections continue to grow with the tides and partnerships with producers and fishermen, this time Friendly Frenchy is putting its feet on the ground by working on the development of a new co-product: grape seeds.

With this new creation, we are continuing to enhance the value of French terroirs with the creation of a new territory of expression: the wine route.

This collection is signed by a bunch of grapes with a marine anchor head as the rows of vines are anchored to the ground. This signature expresses the link of a new universe with the one known until then, the seaside.

Les lunettes vigneronnes


This collection is not linked to chance. If Sandrine's family worked mother-of-pearl in a family factory that became the Musée de la Nacre de France, Laurent came from a farming family with a grandfather who was a wine-grower.

Through this new collection, we wish to express our passions, our values and our commitment to French know-how.

Les lunettes Vigneronnes

Laurent Pezé - Les Vigneronnes


The launch of this collection is reflected in two models, "Vine" and "Grape", available in two versions "Green" and "Bordeaux". The "green"" models combine oyster shells, a recycled marine co-product of the brand's preference, which is also used in wine-growing on certain terroirs.

Les lunettes Vigneronnes

Lunettes en pépin de raisin

Lunettes en pépin de raisin


For the occasion, the brand called on two Breton artists, Mélanie Busnel and Anne Rouat,for a poetic, offbeat and humorous iconography in the spirit of illustrated labels for natural wines.

Pépin de raisin

It took us two years to develop this collection. Although we have been able to draw on our experience with recycled shells, which we have been working on for more than 4 years now, the grape seed reacts very differently. We had to test several techniques before arriving at a result that met our expectations and requirements.

For example, we wanted to develop a transparent tint called "Champagne" for eyewear but this proved to be very difficult to obtain. The finest particles of pips fuse with the material and dye it.

Our perseverance finally paid off and we are currently working on the development of this collection.

Finally, we wanted to create a link with Les lunettes en coquillage because there is an obvious link between gastronomy and oenology. Fish, shellfish and seafood go wonderfully well with a wine tasting. We have therefore associated a touch of recycled oysters (from Cap Ferret, Chez Boulan) on the "Green" models.

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