Posted On: juin 22, 2017

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How to use the Palette / Handplane?

The Palette is used to practice bodysurfing. It allows you to have fun in the waves by practicing bodysurfing with a simple paddle attached to the hand.

Bodysurfing is the purest discipline in the world of surfing as it simply consists of surfing the wave with your body.

The origins of bodysurf can be traced back to the Polynesian islands, where, long before the use of rudimentary boards to glide on the water, the inhabitants used to have fun in the waves. On the European coastline, practices aimed at being carried by the waves would have developed before the arrival of surfing, fifty years ago.

The bodysurfeur allows himself to be carried by the wave in a lying position, and steers himself with his arms.

To improve the sensations of gliding, the bodysurfer can use a pair of flippers and carry a paddle or handplane.

The Pallet will allow the bodysurfer to raise himself up in relation to the wave and glide more easily.

A single paddle is sufficient but some more experienced riders use two paddles to increase the sensations.

The paddle is light and its small size makes it easy to slip into a beach bag!

It is treated with linseed oil that is not polluting the oceans.



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