Posted On: juin 22, 2017

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An invitation to cast off!

We had the chance to attend the first edition of the Offshore Festival on Tuesday 20th June at the Grand Rex in Paris.

This ocean wave did us a lot of good while we are suffering from the heat wave.

The Offshore Festival aims to bring the sea into town through documentaries about kitesurfing, surfing, sailing and scuba diving.

This year the Offshore Festival has dropped anchor in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes and Rennes.

One documentary in particular caught our attention « The Weekend Sailor » - the incredible adventure of Mexicans in the first Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race, the forerunner of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Mexican entrepreneur Ramon Carlín put together an atypical crew.

His wife, son and nephews were part of the adventure accompanied by skippers from England, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Brazil and France (Lionel Péan, winner of the Solitaire du Figaro and the Fastnet Races).

After finding his boat, a Swan 65 designed by Sparkman & Stephens, christened the Sayula II, they all set off on an adventure and VICTORY

They won the first Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race in 1973/74 despite all the ups and downs.

A great lesson in determination, courage and adventure!


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