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Created by Michel Etévenon, The Route du Rhum is the single-handed transatlantic race associating on the same starting line and course boats of all types and sizes, but also professional and amateur skippers.

Since its creation, the Route du Rhum has witnessed innovations and architectural and technical advances in competitive sailing. The race has been able to adapt to technical and technological evolutions: creation of classes, separate classification of multi and monohull boats, argos beacons, onshore routers, etc.

On this sector, Brittany, a true Sailing Valley Made in France, holds a leading position !

From architecture to shipbuilding, from on-board electronic equipment to hull coatings, including the manufacture of rigging, foils and competition sails, Brittany is home to a growing competition nautical industry.  

In this context, Friendly Frenchy would like to underline and congratulate the exemplary eco-design and waste management approach carried by the skipper Romain Pilliard with his boat " Use It Again " ! It will start on Ellen MacArthur's old boat with which she broke the solo round-the-world record in 2005 ! A committed skipper, he has followed the concepts of the circular economy for his restoration by associating recycling and performance. Through his commitment and that of his team, Use It Again sends out a strong message within the race to alert us to the unprecedented environmental impact of our current consumption patterns.

Friendly Frenchy and his origami boat wishes all the skippers good wind for this historical edition !



Review of the Route du Rhum editions since its creation

1978: 56 boats.... 98 seconds apart

The Route du Rhum became a legend with 56 boats on the start line and the victory of Mike Birch only 98 seconds ahead of Michel Malinovsky after 23 days of racing.

The Route du Rhum was a legend with 56 boats on the start line and the victory of Mike Birch only 98 seconds ahead of Michel Malinovsky after 23 days of racing.

1982 : 52 boats at the start, 19 retirements
Marc Pajot was the first to reach Pointe-à-Pitre ahead of Bruno Peyron and Mike Birch.
It should be noted that Eric Tabarly did not succeed in reaching the finish line with his trimaran Paul Ricard.

1986 : 33 boats at the start, only 14 will reach the finish line !
The 1986 edition was marked by important depressions.
Philippe Poupon wins on his trimaran in 14 days, 15 hours and 57 minutes. He is 2 days ahead of Bruno Peyron and Lionel Péan. 

1990 : Florence Arthaud is the first woman to win the Route du Rhum
After an incredible race, she beats the race record in 14 d and 10h 08 mn followed by Philippe Poupon and Laurent Bourgnon.

1994 : 24 boats at the begining, 14 cross the finish line
With the new classification distinguishing multi and monohulls, Laurent Bourgnon arrives first in mullti with a new record in 14d, 6h and 28 mn followed at 2 hours by Paul Vatine. Alain Gautier finishes third in all categories on his monohull !


1998: The 20 years of the Route du Rhum

With 19 multihulls and 18 monohulls at the start, this 20th edition marks a new victory for Laurent Bourgnon on multihulls in 12d 8h and 41 mn. ahead of Alain Gauthier and Franck Cammas. This edition will mark the revelation of Ellen MacArthur, who, at 22 years of age, wins the race in the 50-foot category.

2002 : 58 boats at the start on 6 rankings, 28 at the finish...

The very difficult conditions in the Bay of Biscay this edition have led to 30 withdrawals! This edition is dedicated to the victory of Ellen MacArthur in the Imoca monohull and Michel Desjoyeaux in the ORMA trimaran.

2006: 74 boats at the start, 62 arrived safely & A record broken

By sailing from Saint-Malo to Pointe-à-Pitre in 7 days 17 hours and 19 minutes, the Normandy sailor Lionel Lemonchois pulverizes Laurent Bourgnon's previous record of more than 4 days, at a dizzying average of 19.11 knots single-handed on his 60-foot multihull !

2010: 85 boats at the start - 71 at the finish

Frank Cammas wins the race aboard his 31.50m trimaran in 9d 3h 14mn 47s to cross the Atlantic.Franck Cammas wins the race aboard his 31.50m trimaran in 9d 3h 14mn 47s to cross the Atlantic.

Roland Jourdain is winner in Imoca for the second consecutive edition and Lionel Lemonchois wins this time on a 50-foot multihull !

2014 : 91 boats at the start - 65 at the finish

Loïck Peyron sets a new reference time by covering 3,542 miles in 7 days 15h 08mn and 32s.


2018: 40 years and a participation record with 125 boats !
For this 11th edition and the 40th anniversary of the race, the fleet is divided into six classes: three for multihulls (Ultime, Multi 50 and Rhum multi) and three for the monohulls (Imoca, Class40 and Rhum mono).

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