Posted On: juin 8, 2018

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The oceans play a major role in the balance of our planet, its ecosystem and our existence.

Our rainwater, drinking water, climate, coastlines, much of our food and even the oxygen in the air we breathe are supplied and regulated by the Oceans.

- The oceans cover 70% of the planet.

- Each year they absorb about 25% of the CO2 added to the atmosphere by human activities, greatly reducing the impact of this greenhouse gas on the climate.

- The oceans are the world's primary source of protein and more than 2.6 billion people depend mainly on the oceans for their protein needs.

- Nearly 40% of the oceans are considered "heavily affected" by human activities.

Created 10 years ago on the occasion of the Earth Summit and the United Nations in Rio de Janeiro, Friendly Frenchy supports World Oceans Day and joins forces to ensure its protection and raise public awareness.

With the seaside as a place to express itself, Friendly Frenchy has naturally been committed since its creation to financing actions to raise awareness, protect and clean up the coastline and the oceans through its program: Friendly ACT.

This year's theme “Clean Oceans” focuses on initiatives to prevent plastic pollution, which causes considerable damage to our marine resources.

- 80% of all ocean pollution comes from waste coming from the land.

- 8 million tons of plastic per year end up in the oceans, wreaking havoc on wildlife, fisheries, and tourism.

- Plastic pollution costs the ocean 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals per year.

- Fish eat plastic...and we eat those fish.

We invite you to participate with us:

- Take care of your consumption by limiting the use of single-use plastic and favoring bio-sourced products through sustainable behavior.

Friendly Frenchy has created an environmentally friendly fashion accessory: shell sunglasses. After two years of research and development, the result is 100% bio-sourced frames made with vegetable oil and recycled oyster, mussel and scallop shells! With our shellfish sunglasses, you are adopting a Zero Oil alternative!

- Recycle the plastic you use (and your waste in general), and limit your consumption. This summer, adopt Surfrider water bottles instead of plastic water bottles by following their "Reset your habits" approach HERE

- Get involved in beach clean-up actions. We invite you to consult the next campaigns of our partner Surfriderfoundation Europe HERE

- Find out about consumer initiatives and advice via social networks by following the hashtags #WorldOceansDay and #SaveOurOcean

- Find out more about the UN's program on their online portal. Events are taking place simultaneously all over the world: aquariums, science museums, associations and institutions for marine environmental education offer their public festivities full of fun activities and concrete actions, so that young and old alike can learn more about the sea.


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