Posted On: juin 14, 2017


Uhainapo produces eco-designed objects in noble wood for the worlds of wellness, sport and slide sports.
Each object with a unique design combines natural materials with a remarkable know-how.
The creator, Romain Chapron, has made eco-design his signature.
Friendly Frenchy is proud to have launched its first series of Handplanes in co-branding with UhainaPo.
Here's a quick interview with Romain so that you can learn more about the character.

Why UhainaPo?

To begin with, "Uhaina" means wave in Basque. But it was one evening, during an aperitif at home, that I simultaneously called my eldest daughter, Uhaina, and her sister Napoline, who is nicknamed "Napo" ..... UhainaPo went out on her own.... and then it stayed.
We later discovered on our way to Hawaii that "Uwaina" in Hawaiian means a sacred place with water and "Po" means "to belong to".
So UhainaPo is a lot of meanings in one word!

Do you have a motto that influences your life?

Yes, I got it from an old horseman.
"Forward, calm and straight!!!!"

What attracted you to Friendly Frenchy?

Your commitment to French, Frenchy.... Manufactured, made here!
We share the same values.

What do you think of Made in France ?

Made in France remains top-of-the-range, even very top-of-the-range.
This positioning is difficult to achieve and is not acquired spontaneously. Above all, you have to start making yourself known. The road ahead is long and difficult but you have to aim high!As Friendly Frenchy says: "Think big, start small, act Now!"
<emFinally, Made in France is not compatible with mass production. But if not everyone can afford our products, we are also here to make people dream.

What is your best spot?

It's a secret ;)

What is your best culinary memory?

The carrot purée from Mamie's garden.
With a big square of salted butter in the middle. Yes, I'm from Charente!

What's your sound of the moment?

It depends on the time of day, my mood and what I'm doing.
When I'm shaping a long board, I listen to Chopin on a loop.
If I'm shaping a handplane for Friendly Frenchy, I listen to Blues.

What is your best holiday memory?

It will already be trying to take one day !!!
I don't really have a holiday memory but if I have to remember one, it would be the smell of the Pines in Saint Trojan on the island of Oléron when I was a kid. 

Could you recommend an artist?

The director of the tontons flingueurs: Georges Lautner.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Sitting around doing nothing.... But that never happens to me!!!!


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