FREQUENCY OPTIC: Friendly Frenchy Manufactures shell glasses

Posted On: avril 20, 2018


To create an ecological product that usefully recycles various shells is the successful gamble - of the young French brand Friendly Frenchy.

They're still joking about it. " We wanted glasses that look like us, inspired by the seaside and that's when we got the idea to work with shells, yes, yes" , say Sandrine Guyot and Laurent Pezé, the founders of Friendly Frenchy. To make this rather crazy project a reality, the brand relies on a Normandy research and development centre specialising in the processing of bio-sourced materials. Bingo: a clever mixture was created which combines vegetable oil and shellfish, but also oysters, mussels and scallops. In short, an eco-friendly material that does not use oil. A material that Jura manufacturers will then rework: "We arrived like UFOs with our concept, no oil, shells, quality glasses and recycled packaging, all made in France", recalls the duo who thus gave birth to two unisex models available in 18 colours and equipped with a choice of three types of glasses (fashion, sport, polarised). The Francofolies de la Rochelle festival and the Surf Ride Foundation, the association for the protection of the coast and the oceans, support this project and ensure the tandem, notably through the creation of limited edition models.

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